As  COGITO PARK & CO FT Institute, we aim to contribute to reach the most expanded performance of our customers by providing technology-supported consulting solutions in the fields of consultancy, technology and legal by closely following and analysing all the needs of finance and real sector stakeholders.

Ongoing developments and changes in globalized trade and economies have made the need for skilled and competent personnel in the field to follow developments for institutions that are subject to increased competition and multiple regulations at the same time, and to successfully implement innovations. In this context, it is our priority that our customers make a difference in their areas of activity and increase their profitability.

In addition to our consultancy services, our experienced and expert team of professionals and academicians are able to offer training programs tailored to the expectations and needs of our customers through our Economics & Finance, Law, Technology, Competency & Development Academies. In this process, we take care to benefit from the academic infrastructures of elite universities, which are our business partners, and for the continuous improvement of the processes.